Joal Warock, General of the Gullion

Joal Warok’s exposure to military life began the moment he was born. His father was the Captain of a roving detachment during the uneasy, post-war climate some decades past, and they only met a handful of times before Joal himself was of age to serve the Gullion.

His father would dedicate his life to serving the city and, during his time, led dozens of raids of neighbouring towns, villages, and camps, known to be harbouring members of the terrorist/rebel group White Gold. These rebels believed the Sorcerer-King survived the people’s coup that overthrew him, and would someday reclaim his throne. These beliefs did not draw the attention of the Gullion however, as there were many who still supported the Sorcerer-King. They were, in fact, a very active group, attacking trade caravans coming and going from the city, burning the houses of outlanders who supported the new triumvirate, and generally terrorising the outland population at-large.

When Joal enlisted with the Gullion, his father had him assigned to his detachment and together they stamped out remaining pockets of rebellion throughout the countryside. To the father and son, nothing brought them closer together than hunting and destroying members of White Gold. When the White Gold was ultimately defeated, Joal’s father was well into his 60s, and retired from the Gullion. Joal left his detachment and was reassigned to be stationed in Mara as an Officer. His status as a peacetime hero allowed him to rapidly ascend the ranks of leadership, and by his 40th year he was promoted to the rank of General of the Gullion, the youngest man to receive such an honour.

He has a rough personality and his years of combat experience are painted violently across his body. The General isn’t one to make small talk, neither does he tolerate those who fail to put everything into whatever they are tasked with doing. While Warok respects the democratic process of electing his fellow city leaders, he holds very low opinions of both Lord Kaius, and the commoner Ezra. In his opinion, Kaius lacks discipline and respect for his superiors, whilst Ezra simply does not understand the need for military action and determent.

Joal Warock, General of the Gullion

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