Mara, the White Jewel


The ancient city of Mara lies on the coast of Bel, and has served as the country’s crown jewel since the early days of Man. Mara is the only surviving city of whose creation the Holy Book ascribes to the Architect. As such, many who hold faith in the Architect consider the city to be sacred land, and this belief has caused considerable conflict amongst factions of believers. There are few cities throughout the realm that have played host to more violence and bloodshed within its walls than the White Jewel.

The city is famous for its fifteen-metre thick walls, and the colossal towers of the Old Quarter that stand as tall as the mightiest of Forest Titans. These are all constructed of white marble, a form of limestone that has no known deposits throughout the continent. When constructing new walls and buildings, or repairing those of the Old Quarter, white granite is used as a more readily available substitute. With the rarity of the material, along with the labour required in constructing such a vast city, the Old Quarter is regarded by believers as living proof of the Architect’s Hand of Creation.

Following the dethronement of the Sorcerer-King six decades prior, Mara has had three ruling figures: two elected by the people, and the General of the Gullion – the city’s military force. Additionally, in order to curb the noble class’s attempts to buy out the positions of leadership, one of the elected must be of the common folk. Currently, this triumvirate consists of Lord Kaius, General Warok, and Ezra of Prywyn. Elections are held every five years and any individual member of the triumvirate can serve no longer than four terms.

Although Mara is seated beside the ocean, it has no ports or fishing economy. The waters are far too rough for all but the most experienced of sea captains, and the submerged ruins of the Wizard’s Quarter only add to the list of dangers posed to those foolish enough to approach. Instead, the city operates its commercial fishing vessels and small naval force through the nearby enclave city of Blackwater.

Mara, the White Jewel

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